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Dear Readers:

It’s a very exciting and different time in publishing, one that is enabling authors to connect with readers in ways we never could before. Toward that end, I am delighted to have the opportunity to offer readers both out-of-print stories and new books and novellas in ebook format. I’ve updated the previously published books and am working hard to bring you new stories.

First up—HE'S NO ANGEL, a contemporary romance with a light paranormal twist is now available for Kindle! HE'S NO ANGEL is the first book in my new Heaven Can Wait series.  Tristan Barrington, Earl of Ryland, has been stuck for nearly two centuries in a prison-like limbo between Heaven and Hell, ever since his death in 1820. The only way out is to perform the good deeds assigned to him by his nemesis, the mysterious angel Task Director, Alessandra Foscari.  Unfortunately for him, she always assigns him tasks that involve helping human couples find True Love, and cynical Tristan is not a romantic guy. After a bunch of failures, he now has one final chance to earn his angel wings– or it’s off to Hell for him. Not good. And even worse? He only has a few weeks to make this latest couple fall in love. And worst of all? His couple is not cooperating.

Look for ALMOST AN ANGEL, Book Two in the Heaven Can Wait series, coming late 2013.

Next—an updated version of my very first contemporary romance, KISS THE COOK.

KISS THE COOK was originally published in 2000. I’ve significantly reworked the book to bring it up to date and to better reflect my writing style which has evolved over the years.

Other re-vamped, previously published stories available as ebooks are MINE AT MIDNIGHT (contemporary romantic comedy novella), AT LAST (Regency-era historical novella, featuring my first Scottish hero), and HEART’S DESIRE (Victorian-era historical novella, featuring a grown-up Callie Albright who first appeared as a precocious, tea party-loving five-year-old in my debut novel, Red Roses Mean Love).

These ebooks are all available individually, or in a money-saving bundle.

I’ve also written a bonus scene that is now available as a FREE ebook! Readers familiar with my Regency-era Mayhem in Mayfair quartet (Sleepless at Midnight, Confessions at Midnight, Seduced at Midnight, and Tempted at Midnight) know that “something” happened between Lady Emily Stapleford and American Logan Jennsen in the library at the end of Seduced at Midnight. We find out what happened in Tempted at Midnight, but since that book begins three months after Seduced ended, the actual scene is not included in the book.  So many readers wanted that scene “on screen” I decided to write it. The bonus scene is entitled When Emily Kissed Logan and is available as a FREE ebook download. I hope you enjoy it!

Wishing you much happiness and hours of happy reading!

Thanks so much for your interest!  I hope you enjoy! 


You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and blogging with the Whine Sisters -- stop by and say hi!


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